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supernal nyx long sleeve

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The moon, winter’s snow, a starry night sky, the luminous Milky Way - the Supernal Nyx design represents something different for everyone.

The name offers a glimpse of its natural inspiration: Supernal – relating to the sky or heavens; Nyx – the Greek goddess of the night, powerful, beautiful and born of Chaos.

Illustrations of different trees and flora are aligned along the sleeve, so you can confidently ‘wear your heart on your sleeve.’


Soft and sustainable, this relaxed tee is adventure-ready and Earth-friendly.

Unisex styling and cut designed for versatility and every day wear. Empower your inner green with Organic Cotton.

Care: We recommend machine washing with cold water and hanging to dry.  Though this item will hold up well to warmer water and drying temperatures, a significant part of the climate impact in the life cycle of garments is washing and drying.