about us || the story behind penchant pines

Hi! I'm Tanaya, I'm 34, have a cute little family in my husband, 6 year old mini me and an adopted shelter dog from Texas. I had a crazy idea to start a business so here I am. I hope that in doing so I can show my daughter to always try new things, even if you have no idea what you're doing. And I hope to build a community. One where we learn to grow and see the beauty in life and believe in ourselves. Maybe that's through shopping, maybe it's through zoom wine nights or yoga classes. I'm learning more and more every day to find gratitude in what's around me. (Even the rain!) I'm not perfect and don't strive to be, but I aim to do the best I can. As with everything else I do, I'm gonna wing it. 

All of my products will be from makers that fit some or all of the following: eco-friendly, small business, give back or their story resonates with me in some way. I've put a lot of time into searching for the right products to represent and am so excited to share them with you!

A portion of all proceeds will give back, organizations TBD.